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FakerSpace is a pop-up collective whos interests span art, science, and technology.
Our mission is to collaborate with neighborhood spaces, solve local issues of mobility and sustainability through resource sharing, and providing open access to support, education, & experimentation for marginalized communities.

Welcome to the FakerSpace wiki, the goal of this project is to create a knowledge hub for building a distributed Denver Makerspace, built by and for our neighborhoods.

Step 1: Explore

  • Visit the Projects page to get an idea of what we're up to.
  • Say hello on slack

Step 2: Ask a Question and Give Feedback

  • Register to become part of the Faker community
  • Ask questions on the slack channel
  • Give feedback using Comments at the bottom of any page

Step 3: Contribute

  • Start Creating, Editing and Enhancing our Community Knowledge Base.
  • If you can, kick in some $ to get the space van running. Donate